Ireland’s first Electric Vehicle Show rolls into view

Nevo announces Ireland’s First Electric Vehicle Show in partnership with Bank of Ireland.

Electric vehicle information platform Nevo will hold the first Nevo Electric Vehicle Show 2024 on 17 February next.

Held in partnership with Bank of Ireland, the event will bring together cutting-edge automotive technology, innovative sustainable solutions, and an electrifying atmosphere all under one roof.

“This exciting event will allow the Irish public to get up close and personal with electric vehicles from these brands”

On the day, you will get to view more than 50 of the latest electric vehicles from more than 20 of Ireland’s leading automotive brands.

The electric future of driving in Ireland

Attendees will be able to get up close and personal with a wide selection of electric vehicles, from premium cars to family SUVs, city cars to saloons, and everything in between.

They will also hear from industry experts from finance, insurance, home and  public charging, alternative e-mobility solutions and much more.

Derek McDermott, managing director of Bank of Ireland Finance said the bank recognises importance of supporting initiatives contributing to a sustainable future

“Bank of Ireland is excited to be at the forefront of Ireland’s electric vehicle movement as it joins forces with Nevo for their upcoming Electric Vehicle Show.

“We have established ourselves as the market leader in providing funding for customers looking to go electric with partnerships across twenty-two brands. This exciting event will allow the Irish public to get up close and personal with electric vehicles from these brands,” said McDermott.

In addition to featuring leading automotive brands and comprehensive finance and insurance solutions, the Electric Vehicle Show will offer attendees a chance to access expert insights from industry leaders and get behind the wheel of Ireland’s most popular electric vehicles, with test drives available on the day. The event promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience for those interested in the future of sustainable transportation.

Derek Reilly, general manager of Nevo, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“The Nevo Electric Vehicle Show is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of Ireland’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

“We are proud to partner with Bank of Ireland to create an event that showcases leading automotive brands and provides attendees with a platform to explore everything you need to go electric, from insurance, finance, e-mobility and much more”.

The Electric Vehicle Show is set to be an immersive experience, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation. Other partners include AXA and ZEVI (Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland).

Showcasing the latest advancements in electric mobility, the event will feature leading automotive brands, bespoke finance and insurance solutions, and a comprehensive range of all things related to electric mobility.

For more information about the Electric Vehicle Show and to register for your free tickets, go here

Main image at top: Derek McDermott and Karen Kennedy from Bank of Ireland with Derek Reilly and Simon Andreucetti from Nevo

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