Great content is clear and simple

Convoluted language isn’t clever, it’s irritating. It’s time to think of your customers and be clear. 

A whole culture has grown up in modern business where simple words and phrases are padded out. This almost always obscures the meaning. When writing or editing, check if a convoluted phrase can be easily reduced to just one word. Examples below. 

Afford an opportunity = allow

As to whether = whether

At a rapid rate = rapid

At this point in time = now

At the present time = now

Despite the fact that = although

Due to the fact that = because

During the time that = while

Effect modifications = change

Fewer in number = fewer

For the duration of = during

For the reason that = because

Gainful employment = work

Give consideration to = consider

Has a requirement for = needs

In a number of cases = some

In close proximity to = near

In respect to = about

In view of the fact that = because

Join together = join

On a daily basis = daily

On the grounds that = because

Place a major emphasis on = stress

Postpone until later = postpone

Quite a large quantity of = much

Relating to the subject matter of = about

Root cause = cause

Smaller in size = smaller

Subject matter = subject

With the minimum of delay = quickly

With the possible exception of = except