The staff Christmas party – a 2019 survival guide

As an employer, you can be held liable for any injury or other health incident resulting from a work-related social event such as a Christmas party. Take these steps to ensure you survive unscathed. 

What is considered a work-related social event?

1: An event hosted on your premises.

2: An event sponsored or promoted by your business.

3: An event held during work time, whether by your business or your employees.

4: An event organised elsewhere where an employee has been invited in their work capacity.

5: An event organised by you or your employees outside your premises.

Christmas parties

Gently remind everyone they are attending as employees

You should assess whether an event can be considered work-related and circulate details to all employees. Without being heavy-handed, you may also consider reminding everyone that they are attending such events as employees of your business. You should say that this comes under the code of conduct expected of employees and issue a reminder, if necessary, of what that means.

You should:

1: Circulate details of the venue in advance.

2: Consider whether it is best for staff that they arrive and leave an event together.

3: Organise transport to and from the venue.

4: Ensure the venue has public liability insurance if using off-site premises.

5: Make yourself aware of local emergency numbers and distance to hospitals.

6: Check the exits and emergency routes on arrival.

7: Store all work equipment safely if using the business premises.

8: Brief all staff on social media and what is acceptable to post.

9: Check the hygiene standard of caterers if they bring food to the premises.

10: Drink moderately and monitor if anyone is drinking excessively.

11: Be aware if anyone is acting inappropriately.

12: Make sure staff aged under 18 are not served alcohol.

And finally, have a good time and avoid the bores and the moaners.

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