Cadoo is on message to reap €2m revenues in UK

Irish mobile tech firm Cadoo targets €2m of new revenue in two years as it aims to become a market leader for employee messaging in the UK.

Cadoo’s technology platform enables organisations to reliably send critical messages for service notifications, internal alerts and marketing campaign.

The company is targeting UK revenue of €2m in the first two years following its launch there and the company has established its UK presence in Birmingham, as well as a dedicated UK website.

“Our growth reflects the renewed focus organisations from every industry are placing on SMS and mobile messaging as a reliable, secure and speedy way to deliver important messages”

Cadoo has already secured several large enterprise customers in the UK.

The business is seeking to establish itself as a market leader for employee messaging, as well as offering public sector and education organisations, retailers, financial institutions, services companies, and manufacturers a secure and reliable channel for communicating updates to customers, members, employees and the general public. It can also be integrated into third party applications.

Cadoo’s ‘can do’ attitude

The volume of messages sent using the Cadoo Business Messaging Platform almost doubled since Covid-19 emerged, with monthly messages sent growing from 1.2m to more than 2m today.

CEO Cillian McCarthy said that this has been driven by the need for highly reliable customer, employee and user messaging for time critical applications such as public service information, customer messages, critical employee announcements, student alerts as well as the increased need for secure two-factor authentication messages.

“Due to the great success of the Cadoo Business Messaging Platform in Ireland, and initial success in the UK, we wanted to formally bring our high-quality service to new markets. After careful evaluation, the UK made the most sense for our initial overseas expansion.

“Our growth reflects the renewed focus organisations from every industry are placing on SMS and mobile messaging as a reliable, secure and speedy way to deliver important messages,” McCarthy said. “We built our platform to use only world-class trusted message delivery options so that quality is guaranteed. In an industry where the prevailing delivery rates are around 95pc, this has been instrumental in Cadoo’s success in critical messaging applications.

“Alongside all our usual marketing, employee and service messages, there has been a huge increase in Covid-19 alerts, including closures, and re-openings, as more organisations are turning to mobile messaging and SMS to quickly and directly reach their customers, staff and users. Cadoo is used for important and verified messages only. We are on a mission to eliminate spam and help organisations combat misinformation.”

Cadoo has also launched its app in the UK and has plans to launch more services in the market later in 2021.

“We distinguish ourselves from other platform providers by offering fully integrated services as well as the best user experience by building an easy-to-use platform, using only high-quality delivery methods. We also provide detailed analytics and read reports to optimise message results. We look at Cadoo as the home for important messages.

“This, along with our focus on market leadership in the employee communications segment – where we can help keep employees informed about unexpected events, such as flooding and snow days, as well as providing general information – will see us build quickly on our initial successes in the UK,” McCarthy said.

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.