Why you should ban ‘click here’

Don’t use ‘click here’ for a link on your website. It’s a relic from the dawn of the internet. If your links are properly designed and developed – most websites use underlined, descriptive text in a different colour, often blue – then your customer will have no difficulty finding them and knowing what to do.

The phrase ‘click here’ gives a tired, outdated impression which may lead customers to believe that your site has not been updated for some time. Remember, too, that “clicking” itself is confined to those using a mouse – and increasingly people are spending more time online on smartphones and tablets than on desktops.

Here’s an example:

Don’t use: Click here for information

Use: Learn about our range of handmade cheeses and chutneys

The second example tells your busy, fast-scanning customer what content to expect if they follow the link. Also, it is much harder for a customer scanning a page with several links to distinguish between the click here links.


Search engines such as Google use the strength of your links to assess your site’s placement in search results. The number of links is important, but so too is the way in which they are worded.

Don’t use: Click here to find out more about restaurants in Cork

Use: Find out more about restaurants in Cork

The use of strong, relevant keywords (restaurants, Cork) in the second example will help you build what’s called your organic search profile.