The importance of corporate training in your organisation

Corporate training empowers employees to bring about changes in themselves and their environment. Here’s how it can benefit your company.

With the prevailing benefits of learning and development, companies are increasingly investing in corporate training. After all, corporate training strengthens the most important resource in a company – employees. It enhances the growth rate of an organisation by expanding the knowledge base of its employees and transforming their personalities to help them adapt to global trends.

The benefits of employee corporate training are far-reaching. Here are a few:

Relevance in the global market

With new trends and technology influencing everything in a marketplace, the only way to attract success is to stay relevant. And to stay relevant in the industry, it is important to continue learning.

Corporate training empowers employees to bring about changes in themselves and their environment. It influences the mindset of employees in a way that they are open to learning and adapting. It also helps managers and leaders to dig deep into the internal social network and identify the need for retraining employees around new technical and business skills. This prepares them well to fit into revamped roles in the future.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement shows the two-way relationship between the employees and their employers and predicts a positive organisational growth. And corporate training ensures that employees do not just sleepwalk through their office hours but contribute to the overall growth. With well-constructed corporate training programs, employers can encourage learning and make their employees feel valued and motivated. Here are a few benefits of employee development and engagement:

  • With an upsurge in motivation, employees become better contributors to the company’s growth, brand identity and customer satisfaction
  • Employees retain more information and improve their performance
  • Employee engagement improves employee satisfaction and stickiness
  • It results in higher productivity and profitability

Improved retention rate

According to Udemy, 51pc of employees say that they would leave their jobs if training and growth wasn’t offered. The expectations of employees from their employers are changing and salary is no more the only deciding factor of whether or not they want to stick to their current job. They want their employers to equip them with skills that would help them justify future roles and challenges. And since it has become less about money and more about growth, employers can earn their employees’ loyalty and increase the retention rate by offering corporate training.

Enhanced company image

With easy access to social media, employees now have the power to enhance or diminish your organisation’s reputation. They can either choose to grumble or rave about your organisation. However, with an effective corporate training program in place, you can influence how your employees perceive your organisation. Here are a few benefits:

  • New business
  • Trust between the organisation and its clients
  • Accelerated growth

New talent attracted

Being new to the corporate industry, millennials expect their employers to help them learn and grow. To be able to make an impact, they want to start early and grow as much as possible. Hence, by offering corporate training, organisations can attract new talent which is much better and beneficial than hiring experienced people who need to retrain themselves to adapt to the changing industry trends.

Looking at globalisation and the changing landscape of industries, corporate training programs are no longer a choice; they have become a necessity. So, choose a well-structured corporate training course for your employees and gain the edge you need to survive in the competitive marketplace.

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Written by Suman Agarwal

Suman Agarwal, co-founder of Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), is an award-winning image management professional. She has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore image management and soft skill training as a vibrant professional choice.

Published: 11 November, 2019