What everyday business phrases irritate you most? Here are ten that we’ve probably all heard too often. 

One senior Irish politician was very fond of using the phrase ‘going forward’ to mean ‘in the future’. Once would have been fine, but when he used it eight times in one seven-minute radio interview, he became the subject of ridicule and quickly dropped the phrase from his vocabulary.

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Oxford University Press has compiled a list of the top ten irritating phrases in business writing. While there are plenty of other phrases you need to forget about, these represent a good start.

  • At the end of the day
  • Fairly unique
  • I personally
  • At this moment in time
  • With all due respect
  • Absolutely
  • It’s a nightmare
  • Shouldn’t of
  • 24/7
  • Reach out

Within business, one-time fashionable phrases such as ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘low-hanging fruit’ and ‘it’s on my radar’ are now almost guaranteed to produce a shudder. More recently, phrases like ‘let’s throw a thought grenade at that problem’ or ‘can we build a carpark at the bottom of the page for that idea’ have been rearing their heads. What’s the one phrase that annoys you the most?

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