Think business, think customer

Stephen Gallagher, head of business energy, SSE Airtricity on how to make your customers your key focus. 

What advice would you give to a business that is scaling, that is growing at a pace that may (at times) seem difficult to handle? What focus should they give to customers and staff?

The advice I would give to any growing business is that no matter your size or market your customers need to be your focus. This applies to startups and established businesses growing at pace.

All businesses need to consider the interaction from the customers’ perspective. 

Small mistakes, inaccuracies – even typos – can damage your credibility. It’s vital that businesses focus on getting it right, the first time. 

The first points of contact with your business, those who manage customer service for your company, must receive high levels of training and feel empowered to engage the consumer. 

Coaching and mentoring employees create a more positive work environment and boost employee engagement. 

Your customers’ needs will not always stay the same – be ready to adapt. Use data to inform your approach. 

“Embrace digital as a means of reaching a broader consumer base and to remain responsive to your customers”

Data is the lifeblood of organisations and is only effective if it’s gathered and analysed on a regular basis.

An omnichannel approach – in person, on the phone, through the website, on social media – allows for customers to have better access. We have found services such as webchat, to be a great way to be close to the customer. 

There is a huge opportunity for business in Ireland to embrace digital as a means of reaching a broader consumer base and remaining responsive to your customers.

For businesses of all sizes, to foster relationships and develop brand loyalty, the need to listen to and engage with customers and understand their needs is crucial. Make your customers your key focus.

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