Galway firm is a One Stop Shop for digital marketing

Sam O’Neill, founder of One Stop Shop Marketing Solutions in Galway city, tells ThinkBusiness how the company was born out of the desire to be an all-encompassing marketing agency for its clients.

What is the problem you are trying to solve and the size of the market you are addressing?

With the growth in social media and online shopping over the past number of years, companies are trying to stand out in an ever-competitive environment. This can be extremely time consuming and costly for business owners. Instead of doing what they do best and focus on other aspects of their business, people spend so much of their time and resources attempting to get their marketing right.

At One Stop Marketing Solutions, we act as our client’s marketing department so they don’t have to worry about it. We grow every aspect of their digital footprint, helping them to communicate effectively with their current and potential customers. This frees up the client’s time to continue improving the other areas of their business.

“We’ve worked with some amazing companies from almost every kind of industry including Sheils Motor Group, Harvest Moon Foods, Near To Nature, The Kingfisher Gyms and so much more”

What is your core product and service about and how does it work?

We offer a range of digital and traditional marketing services with both Social Media Management and Website Design being the most sought after.

Once a new client comes on board, we’ll review what they’re currently doing online and come up with an effective strategy to help showcase their unique brand. We’ve worked with some amazing companies from almost every kind of industry including Sheils Motor Group, Harvest Moon Foods, Near To Nature, The Kingfisher Gyms and so much more.

What are the experiences that encouraged you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve worked in a variety of marketing roles over the past number of years which allowed me to really understand a wide range of markets. I had always wanted to run my own company and one day driving home from work I just decided that now was the time to get started. I was in a fairly unique situation where I decided I was going to do this on a Thursday and by the Monday morning the company was set-up with a couple of clients in tow.

What are your impressions of the start-up ecosystem in your region and in Ireland in general?

There are so many supports out there for businesses, particularly in Galway. Mentorship is something that I believe is particularly effective and it’s now something I am heavily involved in through the BizMentors programme. Through this, business owners can get free mentoring from an experienced person in the industry they need help. I had a lot of help from them in the past and now regularly mentor those who are looking for some guidance.

What are the biggest mistakes or lessons you have learned so far?

Mistakes? A LOT! I’m not afraid to admit that I made a fair amount of mistakes when I first set-up. I don’t mean with the work I carried out but in terms of asking for help. It took me some time before I reached out to the supports that were available to me and really made use of them. I had a strong network of people built up from previous roles that I didn’t look for guidance or help from and if I was to do it all again I would.

What advice do you have for fellow founders?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to ask for help – regardless of what it is. Secondly, and this goes for every type of business, if there’s something you can’t do, go to an expert. It may add to your costs but you’re better off using your time more effectively.

If you’re not good with numbers, get a good accountant. If you’re not up to speed on effective marketing methods, go to a marketing company. Focus on whatever it is that you’re good at!