2pc increase in employee happiness = 1pc revenue rise

There is a direct correlation between revenue performance and happy, engaged staff, an online conference will hear this week.

The importance of engaged staff driving financial goals will be explored at the Happy Workplaces Conference, an interactive event taking place this week (1 October).

Research shows that happy, engaged staff are 22pc more profitable and happy employees take 3.9 days off work, compared to their disengaged counterparts who miss an average 10.7 days per working year. Engaged organisations are also better able to manage and grow as they have 24pc lower employee turnover.

“Happier workplaces are more productive workplaces; they perform better financially and are more rewarding for everyone involved”

In Harvard Psychologist Daniel Goleman’s book Primal Leadership, one study shows that for every 2pc increase in how happy employees are revenue grew by 1pc.

Create a happy workplace

The Happy Workplaces conference is designed to get senior management thinking differently, according to Andrew Tobin of Stryve, one of three partners presenting the event.

“Happier workplaces are more productive workplaces; they perform better financially and are more rewarding for everyone involved.

“This event is designed to help employers, managers and HR personnel create a happy workplace, by learning from international industry experts, interacting directly with key stakeholders in like-minded organisations and gaining from practical examples,” Mr Tobin added.

The Happy Workplace Conference 2020 is a passion project for Tobin who believes strongly that a happy workplace is not only good for its personnel but also for the bottom line.

The conference is presented by Stryve, t2 and Wake Up. Now in its fourth year, Happy Workplaces 2020 is a one-day conference for business leaders. Key speakers will share how they build and sustain happy workplaces, culture and practices. They include Henry Stewart, CEO at Happy; Stephen Dargan from WakeUp; as well as Julie Pône, a soul-level career coach and stress management trainer.

Stryve, based in Carlow, is an ISO-accredited cyber security agency that offers tailored Fortune 500 grade cyber security at a price-point that is affordable for SME companies.

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 29 September, 2020