How to grow a personal training business using digital marketing

Personal training is a very competitive market in Ireland today. Here are some tips to help you grow your business using digital marketing.

With healthy lifestyles rapidly gaining popularity, there’s never been a better time to grow your personal trainer business. If you’re just starting, you need to start focusing on how you’ll market yourself. The internet offers a world of possibilities, so now’s the time to start exploring them.

Building your website is essential

Having your own website is a must when you’re using the Internet to market your personal trainer business. It’ll increase the likelihood of clients finding you organically and it gives them a site to visit when you’re using social media channels. When building a website, make sure you show the best side of yourself. Clients are coming to you because they expect to see results.

Use your about section to showcase your qualifications. Prospective clients may like to know what drove you to become a personal trainer and what inspires you to help others. Don’t be afraid to let your character shine through as this is what attracts people to you.

Landing page

If you have a specific offering such as a personal training course, make sure to build a page just for that. Include all the basics: the course overview, price, benefits, accreditation, FAQs and everything your customer might ask.

A results and testimonials page

If you have photos of existing clients, make sure you show them off with pride. Request testimonials from those who have already used your services too. If you’re looking for a personal trainer website to inspire you, check Pat Divilly. His comprehensive site embraces his brand and gives clients a clear idea of the type of services they can expect. It also makes its niche services clear, which increases client engagement amongst unique groups.

Social media

Social media is a low-cost and personal way to engage with your clients. There’s a lot that you can do for free, as well as paid options. Social media is a great way to interact with your audience and prospect clients, as they offer various formats of communication and are accessible by almost everyone. Some channels to consider include:

Facebook: Before and after pictures

Facebook is an excellent place for showing before and after photos. You can also use it to advertise your business times. Additionally, Facebook Messenger is ideal for answering client queries, plus you can ask people to leave reviews and recommendations. Facebook’s paid advertising features are easy to direct at your target audience too.

Instagram: A place for the dream lifestyle

Many clients love visuals and as a personal trainer, you can deliver them by the bucket load with Instagram. Use it to show off your current training plans, client results, and fitness tips. When you use photo editing tools such as Canva you can create eye-catching images and pay for them to appear in your target audience’s feed.

Another popular approach that involves Instagram includes using your photos to show off an aspirational lifestyle. Personal trainer Rob Lipsett is an excellent example of this as he highlights the ways healthy living creates a dream lifestyle rather than just focusing on hard work. With similar tactics, you could create a huge Instagram following too.

With all social media channels, make sure you direct clients toward your website link. If possible, include a booking form so they can arrange a session with you at any time of the day.

Content marketing

Alongside using PPC, you can begin building your organic traffic. Organic traffic comes after you dedicate time to writing on your blog and making sure your website is technically excellent. It can take a few months for it to trickle in, but consistent efforts yield results. Try writing blog posts that are relevant to your locale and industry. You will need to research topics are of interest around the niche and ensure to provide as much information as possible. Using Dublin as an example again, this could mean writing posts about the best places to go for a run in the city or about the pros and cons of a specific type of diet. Long and original content is always being well treated by the search engines. Try to do the same while writing on other sites and linking back to your blog too.


The same way a healthy diet requires a large variety of foods, promoting your business requires different channels. Some people are more impacted by Instagram, others prefer to search on Google and check your credentials before hiring someone. With consistent efforts via multiple channels, building your online presence is a bit easier.

Published on 31 July, 2019