Why Limerick’s best-kept tech secret invested in Derry

Never mind Brexit or long commutes; Deveire, a Limerick tech company is creating jobs with Dublin-level perks in Derry.

Deveire is a little bit of a secret around Limerick,” confesses Cathal Murtagh, the chief operating officer of the company.

News emerged in recent weeks that Deveire is to create 15 new jobs in Derry over a three-year period.

“We wanted to get as far away from cities like Belfast and Dublin and be where you’ll have local people that want a life and don’t want to be commuting two to four hours a day”

The move is indicative of the creative approach Irish tech firms such as Cork’s Teamwork, which has located an operation in Belfast, are making when it comes to beating the skills war but at the same time how they are embracing an all-island approach to growth in spite of Brexit. Simply put, talent knows no borders.

Set up 10 years ago by Ollie Cahill, Deveire specialises in building web solutions for enterprises and large organisations looking to use the latest technologies for their digital presence.

Deveire has delivered platforms that power the systems behind over 50 globally-renowned companies including Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Amazon and the Special Olympics. It has also developed National Geographic’s and Hallmark’s video platforms.

“We would work with about 80 of the Fortune 500 companies and we’ve been very successful building enterprise and web platforms with full back-end integration and clients would include media such as the Washington Post, the LA Times and we manage TV and video channels throughout America,” Murtagh explained.

The company delivers bespoke web platforms and is a tech partner to Bright Spot, a major content management system (CMS) platform.

Deveire plans to locate a Software Development Centre in Derry that will focus on advanced computing and innovative technologies to build next generation application solutions.

The aim is to create software that meets users needs to allow for seamless experiences that are personal to a user and will allow them to reach their full potential at work.

The company’s new centre will be based in Ebrington Square, Derry.

Welcoming the company to Northern Ireland, Steve Harper, executive director of International Business, Invest Northern Ireland, said: “Deveire’s decision to locate its new centre in the North West is based on the many advantages this region has to offer international companies, particularly in the software and technology industry.

“With our support for 15 new jobs, the company will be able to build upon its innovative ambitions and expand in new markets. The new centre will also create economic benefit for the local economy, with £582,000 of additional annual salaries.”

Invest NI is offering the company £97,500 to support the creation of the new jobs.

Work to live, not live to work

“The company has grown organically over the years and at this moment in time we employ 55 people,” Murtagh told ThinkBusiness.

“But really in the next few years we want to ramp the business up in terms of tripling our turnover and increasing the headcount to between 200 and 300 people.

“Our philosophy is we totally onshore; we don’t offshore anything. We found the resources restricting in Limerick and decided to set up these hubs and go to where the people are. We wanted to get as far away from cities like Belfast and Dublin and be where you’ll have local people that want a life and don’t want to be commuting two to four hours a day. We’re flexible and we encourage remote working.

“In terms of salaries we are just as competitive as Dublin and offer benefits like 25 days annual leave and a great pension and health insurance.

“We see ourselves as truly competitive insofar as our people are getting Dublin-like benefits with the added benefit of not sitting in their car for four hours a day,” Murtagh said.

Pictured at top: Deveire chief operating officer Cathal Murtagh with Steve Harper, executive director of International Business, Invest NI

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 12 March, 2020