A fantastic sales forecast template

This free sales forecast template can help you forecast your sales. It allows you to vary your pricing and see the impact different prices will have on your profits. 

This useful template has three inter-related resources, each of which is on separate tabs within the document. The tabs are as follows:

  1. Unit sales price template. This allows you to vary your pricing and see the impact. The figures you input into this tab will be reflected in the second tab, which is a sales forecast.
  2. Forecast of sales. This allows you to forecast your sales on a month by month basis over a period of 12 months. Figures you input into that spreadsheet will be picked up in the next spreadsheet, which is the P&L.
  3. P&L template. This will show you a net profit or loss for your business.

“You can easily create a sales forecast but you can test out different scenarios based on the data you input.”

This template should be used in conjunction with our free and Business Plan Template to give an overall view of your business and its performance.

Remember, prepare for change, don’t wait to react to it.