Why XtremePush bought Alchemetrics

XtremePush continues expansion with second UK acquisition in two years, acquiring Alchemetrics to make deeper data decisions.

Dublin firm XtremePush’s acquisition of UK firm Alchemetrics, which will grow its headcount to almost 90 people, was driven by where the data-driven future of marketing is going, CEO Tommy Kearns told ThinkBusiness.ie.

Kearns explained that Xtremepush, whose clients include McDonalds and Bank of Ireland, acquired Alchemetrics, a UK agency with 20 years’ experience building bespoke customer data platforms for strategic reasons.

“If you think about the future of cross-channel marketing, it’s all about identity and understanding the customer”

Two years ago XtremePush acquired UK firm EmailCenter. Today XtremePush employs 66 people and the acquisition of Alchemetrics will add another 17 people to the company’s payroll.

The automated future of marketing

Kearns explained that XtremePush, a leading customer engagement, personalisation and data platform, acquired Alchemetrics for its ability to consolidate multiple data points which will give the company an advantage in terms of the ability to understand and serve customers with pinpoint accuracy.

He said that originally Alchemetrics was a partner of XtremePush’s but as marketing technology evolves accurate decision-making is fundamental and the UK firm had the capabilities he wanted.

Acquiring Alchemetrics brings XtremePush closer to its goal of creating a single, unified channel to understand customer engagement and decisioning.

Ultimately, bringing Alchemetrics has given the Dublin company a tech stack that few of its international rivals can match.

Last year Xtremepush was named in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms.

“Alchemetrics’ expertise was in budling single customer reviews for enterprise customers digitally, by consuming data from different channels like point-of-sale, Wi-Fi, customer relationship management and other data sources and basically unifiying them.

“Now we have a plug-and-play platform that can basically consume the data, unify it and allow our customers to make decisions and engage with accuracy across channels.

“It creates a unified stack for understanding the data and then creating automated engagement journeys off that ‘decisioning’ engine.

“This will really bolster our capabilities. If you think about the future of cross-channel marketing, it’s all about identity and understanding the customer.”

Kearns concluded: “If you think about it, point solutions are a thing of the past and you must be able to consolidate all of your different channels into one place. It’s about deeper capabilities with data, which now we have. So it was a very strategically important acquisition for us to make.”

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 9 June, 2020