Workers’ views on business impact of Coronavirus (infographic)

Despite the rise in home working due to the Coronavirus, a survey of workers shows that many firms are inadequately set up and more than half of workers expect productivity to fall.

What has been the impact on businesses in Ireland already from the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic and how have firms responded in the eyes of workers?

The impact of Coronavirus on sectors like the tourism and hospitality sector in Ireland have already been severe with many thousands out of work already. But across the board, workers in businesses are already bracing themselves for further turmoil.

A new survey from that gathered the views of at least 60 employees from various businesses provides some early clues.

The survey found that 80pc of employees predict a negative impact on their business with 47pc predicting a significant negative impact.

20pc of respondents’ management teams have not sat down to formally discuss and plan for the possible impacts.

Almost two-thirds (65pc) of respondents have a work-from-home-policy already in place. However, 55pc do not have the tools or the technology to measure a remote workforce’s productivity.

In terms of technology almost half of respondents said their business is prepared to work remotely for a sustained period while 25pc said their firm was not.

Only 25.4pc said their firm could access their firms’ information in the cloud.

However, even if they have to work from home over a sustained period, 51pc of workers feel productivity will decrease overall.

Infographic: business impact survey

Infographic showing impact of Coronavirus from workers' point of view.