What is Star Citizen?

What is Star Citizen? Among many things it is the world’s most successful crowdfunding project.

Star Citizen is a ‘game’ but is unlike any ‘space simulator video game’ ever created.

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes Star Citizen which, in his words, is more than just a game.

“I don’t want to build a game. I want to build a universe,” says Roberts.

Star Citizen is being financed 100% through crowdfunding.

“It is, without question, the most successful crowdfunding project ever launched.”

Described by its makers as a ‘first person universe’, it claims it will allow for unlimited game play. It is designed for Microsoft Windows and Linux. 

Essentially, players become fighter pilots of really cool space jets and they play with millions of other ‘fighters’ all over the world.

For €55 dollars you can buy the entry level space jet fighter, the Mustang Alpha. A mere €18,450 will get you the full package – The Completionist.

At the time of writing, the Star Citizen project has raised over €130 million from crowdfunding and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

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