Welltel connects with Ergo’s cloud transformation

Fast growing Irish IT powerhouse Ergo has joined forces with another fast growing Irish comms player Welltel to cloud-enable 300 employees.

Dedicated business communications provider Welltel has delivered a transformative cloud-based contact centre solution to Irish IT services provider Ergo.

This solution enables 45 Ergo agents to manage all customer communications via phone and email through one central system, and an innovative integration with Microsoft Teams seamlessly connects the contact centre with the wider organisation of 300 employees.

“Welltel’s cloud contact centre has transformed the way we interact with our clients and has future-proofed our customer service”

It has reduced call wait times by almost 20pc and missed calls by 15pc, and has provided agents with full visibility and control of call traffic and customer queries. Rather than seeing an increase in calls handled, the system has instead resulted in a decrease in overall call volumes as more customers have their calls answered the first time.

In turn, the tool enables Ergo to better meet the needs of over 100 customers and has transformed customer reporting. Employee experience at Ergo is improved as the platform is simplifying customer interactions, streamlining communications across the business and increasing collaboration. Welltel’s proactive management of the system has also reduced support and maintenance costs to the company.

“Welltel’s cloud contact centre has transformed the way we interact with our clients and has future-proofed our customer service, delivering an integrated call centre which enables us to meet the individual needs of our customers,” said Damien Kelly, technical operations manager at Ergo.

“Advanced features and automated functions have simplified tasks for agents and overall have provided a big picture view of who is getting in contact and what their specific queries are. It was vitally important for us to be able to provide in-depth, granular reporting for customers, and automated reporting has really streamlined this process. We also achieved better emergency communications internally so that we can notify customers quickly in the event of a critical issue, without having to wait for a third-party to react.”

Ergo also has the ability to implement call queues and ring groups to redirect calls to engineers after hours or if agents are busy, as well as voicemail-to-email capabilities should a call go unanswered. Welltel’s system has allowed the company to pinpoint its busiest periods, resulting in a restructuring of engineers’ working hours to meet customers’ demands and expectations.

More than 100 Ergo customers benefit from the new solution, which also enables a dedicated IT helpdesk service for customers that need it. Furthermore, in the event of an emergency such as an outage, customers can be notified immediately, thus minimising customer downtime.

“It is great to work with a visionary digital workplace leader like Ergo which sees the real advantages of automation and simplification as a means of driving measurable business advantage,” explained Sean Maher, business development manager at Welltel.

“Its new contact centre system is so easy-to-use, cost-efficient, and seamlessly integrated with the company’s phone system, with all data securely hosted and backed up at our data centres in Dublin and Cork to ensure business continuity.”

Main image at top: Neil Wisdom, chief revenue officer at Welltel; Damien Kelly, technical operations manager at Ergo; and Sean Maher, business development manager with Welltel

John Kennedy
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