Irish firm pushes EU e-bike market

Sandyford, Dublin-headquartered company Voyego has partnered with an Austrian company called Greenstorm Mobility to launch an innovative e-bike marketplace across the EU.

The marketplace will enable e-bike enthusiasts to purchase both new and used e-bikes from private dealers across Europe with significant discounts available.

Electric bikes at their core are regular push bikes that rely on extra components including an electric motor, battery sensor and electric display. The motor is only activated when the pedals are already in motion.

“Our objective is to become the leading e-bike marketplace in the EU”

Through the new marketplace, Greenstorm Mobility, ranked among the 100 fastest-growing European companies by the Financial Times, is extending its current e-commerce offer to both international end consumers and its extensive dealer partner network.

Wheelers and dealers

Man in grey jacket gesturing with hands.

Marko Javornik, general manager, of Voyego

Voyego is the dedicated travel and mobility division of Comtrade Group and was launched earlier this year. Headquartered in Dublin and Berlin, the company drove the transformation of Greenstorm’s former online shop and created the new central marketplace which will include both used and new e-bikes.

The innovative new e-bike marketplace has been a success so far with over 800 private dealers across Austria, Germany and Italy signed up to provide e-bike enthusiasts with access to 80,000 new and 120,000 used bikes. The prices typically range from €1,600 to €12,000, depending on the brand and model.

“Our objective is to become the leading e-bike marketplace in the EU,” said Richard Hirschhuber, CEO of Greenstorm Mobility. “We are very pleased with our partnership with Voyego which designed and built a state-of-the-art digital technology platform for us in record time. This platform will now allow us to create a superior marketplace with 3000 dealers across the EU and most importantly provide them with a commission free platform to promote their goods.”

The marketplace allows private dealers to benefit from a zero-commission platform for promoting their bikes. E-bikes on the marketplace are usually promoted with a 5pc discount for new and up to 38% for used bikes. Customers can pay using credit cards, direct payment or other alternative financing options. Future plans include the integration of several more payment platform options to further improve the customer experience.

Greenstorm currently employs just under 120 people. In 2018, they ranked fourth in the growth ranking of Austrian companies. Greenstorm not only received the Tirol Innovation Award, but was also awarded the German Innovation Award. In addition, Greenstorm was one of the finalists of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition in the Start-ups category.

“Greenstorm Mobility is a very innovative fast-growing company that recognized the power of a truly digital marketplace to exponentially grow their business,” said Marko Javornik, general manager of Voyego. “We are proud that we were entrusted with developing the next generation e-bike marketplace, which brings a truly win-win business model to all involved stakeholders – the dealers, e-bike customers and Greenstorm Mobility as the platform operator.”

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 26 September, 2019