Seven Irish viral videos that caught fire

For small businesses, getting a video message to go viral online is like winning the lottery – the brand awareness lottery. 

People share stories – emotional stories, funny stories, and inspirational stories. Every brand wants what only a few have achieved – for one, just one of their videos to go viral.

There is no magic formula. There is no secret recipe for success. Sometimes all you need is a camera in the right place at the right time.

Here we list eight Irish businesses that captured the hearts of the nation with videos that went viral.

SuperValu Ballinrobe

The Mayo supermarket was thrown into the national spotlight after an unexpected customer paid a visit to the store. A loose bull from the local mart earned the shop over 72,000 YouTube hits and a news report by RTÉ. Accidental stardom and a lot of bull.

Mattress Mick

Mattress Mick is the self-proclaimed “undisputed King of mattress land”. The Dublin business person has produced many promotional YouTube videos and has become an Internet celebrity. His most popular video to date is Back with a Bang – The Mattress Song, which currently has 93,000 YouTube hits. Everyone loves an eccentric showman.

Hell & Back

A video with the title Ireland’s toughest 10km challenge – Hell & Back has a lot to live up to. However, 157,000 YouTube hits show the entertainment value the Hell & Back videos give. The videos reveal the pain and torture suffered by the participants along the 10km course in Co. Wicklow. People, it seems, like to see other people struggle.


Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew’s scripted professional video appeals to our love of song and story. The 2013 video Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey – The Parting Glass has a tear-jerking, emotional narrative that earned it over 567,000 YouTube views so far. Tweaking the heart strings can work.

Castletown Motors

Castletown Motors made a great return on the £40 prize fund it put forward for the famous Castletown Donkey Derby in 1994. The YouTube clip has attracted 800,000+ views to date (and growing). It’s sheer entertainment.

Crystal Swing

There’s no business like show business. Crystal Swing’s He Drinks Tequila video was the break the group needed to become a household name in this country. The video has over one million YouTube hits. The number of views can also be attributed to Ellen DeGeneres – she featured the video, and the band, on her hit US talk show. People have very different tastes in music and nostalgia still counts. 

Colaiste Lurgan

For such a small business, this Irish College in Connemara has produced outstanding viral videos. The online success of the videos has made Colaiste Lúrgan one of the country’s most popular summer destinations for Irish teenagers. In 2014, the college went viral with its renditions of popular chart songs. Avicii v Lurgan currently has over 5,000,000 YouTube views, while Amhrán na gCupan has achieved over 3,000,000. Music for the soul.

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Article by Hazel Redmond. Main image from OxegenVideos from YouTube.