The one minute interview – Varvara Namsaraeva

Varvara Namsaraeva set up her Dublin-based jewellery business,, in 2014, making vibrant hand-crafted pieces inspired by nature, from precious and semi-precious stones. 

Varvara Namsaraeva

When I was starting up, I didn’t look for any supports, which I regret now. I wasn’t aware of what was available. It was only in 2015 that I found out about, and got accepted on, a building craft & design enterprise programme run by Dublin Local Enterprise Office in conjunction with the Crafts Council of Ireland.

It has been fantastic. I already have a business degree. However, it is one thing to know about something generally and another knowing how to work that knowledge around your own business. For example, I found the course particularly useful about pricing and wholesale pricing.

I started out making jewellery as a hobby for myself, friends and family and then started selling pieces online. Thanks to the course I got a subsidised stand at Showcase Ireland, a craft trade show. As a result, of that, I have been getting orders from retailers around the country, so I’ve moved into wholesaling as well.

What I could do with now is some help, a staff member.

“I’d love to get some support to take on a person to help either with making or marketing.”

I’ve been looking at the JobBridge intern scheme but it’s a big commitment. I’d need to be sure there would be a salary there for the person after the six months. But now that the orders are going up, the list of things to do is going up. I’m not complaining though because I love the work. But help would be great. 

DID YOU KNOW? There are over 80 different Government supports for Irish startups and small businesses, including grant money?