Will spending time marketing your business on Snapchat give you any return on your investment? 

With over 100 million active users (mostly 18-25), Snapchat may seem like the perfect platform for businesses trying to target the younger demographic.

However, before you, the small business owner, gets caught up in the hype, take a step back and ask yourself – ‘Will spending time marketing my business on Snapchat give me any return on my investment (time and effort)?’

The answer is most likely to be no.

Young people using Snapchat (Snappers) use the app for expressing themselves and connecting with friends. Less than one percent ‘sometimes’ watch branded Snapchat stories.

Research show that “money and celebrities are of little-to-no interest to Snapchat users”.

The reality, at the moment, is that Snappers shy away from branded stories.

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Big brands can benefit

For massive brands with huge marketing budgets and plenty of resources (like Disney), Snapchat can be a fun arena to connect with a younger audience. If your core demographic is under 30, you probably should be on Snapchat in some way, but Snapchat won’t drive traffic to your website.

Like Twitter once was, Snapchat is a great way to promote a live event. However, it can’t be used to sell tickets to that event before it happens.

If you have the time and the creativity, Snapchat can be a good way to build a personal brand, but is this of any real material benefit to your company? Will it increase your sales?

It’s worth noting, over 40 percent of Snappers use Snapchat with branded filters. Snappers are loud and definite to brands – they don’t want to see or hear from them.

Snapchat also doesn’t offer brands and marketers analytics or targeting opportunities.

It’s still best if you are advertising on social media, to spend your budget on platforms that drive traffic to your website.

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