The National Enterprise Towns Awards: Maynooth Town

We are profiling all the towns to enter this year’s National Enterprise Town Awards. Today we are looking at Maynooth Town. 

Maynooth Town is a thriving and vibrant market and commuter town which is known as the educational, historical and commercial centre of North Kildare. It is ideally situated in the Greater Dublin Area and is accessible by road, train and public transport.

The town of Maynooth takes its name from Nuadha Neacht, a pre-Christian King of Ireland, or perhaps from a later Mogh Nuadhat, a ruler of the second century after Christ.

The town is steeped in history with St. Patrick s College (established in 1795) and its connection to the Fitzgerald family, who dominated Irish affairs during the Anglo-Norman and Tudor periods.

The population of the town is 14,585 according to the census in 2016, but during the academic year the population nearly doubles, largely due to the c12,000 students who attend Maynooth University.

It is fast becoming the gastronomic capital of Leinster with an offering of great wholesome food married with passionate and personal service. In recent years Kildare County Council worked closely with County Kildare Chamber, An Garda Siochana, local business owners and Maynooth University to secure the Purple Flag for Maynooth; an award to recognise a town with a safe and diverse offering.

Maynooth also has an international appeal, with students from different regions of the world living and studying on the Maynooth University campus. The town has a mixture of businesses with a vibrant SME sector and a large commercial business campus which hosts companies such as Jungheinrich, Sentenial, Capita & Schneider Electrical to name but a few.

In terms of recent initiatives, Maynooth Town is a common location for networking events held by County Kildare Chamber. Kildare County Council and Kildare Local Enterprise Office are also working closely with Maynooth University and Maynooth Works on an exciting number of new initiatives which encourage entrepreneurship and reward innovation.

Maynooth is a lively town with plenty of heart just outside Dublin and offers great opportunities for students and businesses.

Written by Stephen Larkin

Published on 8 August, 2019