The National Enterprise Town Awards: Rathcoole

We are profiling all the towns to enter this year’s National Enterprise Town Awards. Today we are looking at Rathcoole in South Dublin.

Rathcoole is an outer suburban village, south west of the city of Dublin, in the jurisdiction of South Dublin with a population of 4,351 according to the most recent census.

It lies just off the N7 national primary road and it borders the nearby villages of Saggart and Newcastle.

Rathcoole (Rath Cumhaill) is said to derive its name from the fact that Finn McCumhall’s father built a rath there. After the Anglo-Norman conquest, the lands of Rathcoole were the property of the Metropolitan See and in the thirteenth century they formed one of the smaller manors of the Archbishop of Dublin.

By the time of the 1641 Rebellion, Rathcoole was a stronghold of the Irish. Most of the village’s inhabitants seemed to join in the rebellion, chief amongst them the Scurlock family who had owned the manor of Rathcoole since 1470. By 1648 the Irish forces had been depleted and a garrison was set up by the government. Under its protection the village thrived.

The village itself is quite unique in that it has the look and feel of a rural village, despite being located just 12 miles from Dublin City.

The village has an ageing population and a large number of the local initiatives ongoing in the area are aimed towards the senior residents. The men’s active retired club and Rathcoole active retirement group are examples of prominent local groups. A new men’s shed group has also been established in the area recently. Rathcoole also holds two large senior citizen events each year, one in summer and one at Christmas.

Greenogue Business Park, Irelands largest industrial park, which holds more than 250 businesses is based right next to Rathcoole Village and the owner hails from the local area.

Rathcoole has recently set up a Tidy Towns committee and the local groups are making great headway is bringing the area closer together and working collaboratively.

Published: 1 November, 2019