The National Enterprise Town Awards: Dundrum

We are profiling all the towns to enter this year’s National Enterprise Town Awards. Today we are looking at Dundrum in Co Dublin. 

Dundrum is located in South Dublin County about four miles from the city centre. It has a population of approximately 7,688 people and presents a diverse mix of cultures and people.

One of the earliest mentions of the area concerns the location of the original St. Nahi’s Church in the 8th century on which site today’s 18th-century church currently stands. When the Normans arrived in 1169, a series of fortifications were built around Dublin. A castle was built in Dundrum as part of this series of outer fortifications around the 13th century.

Located in the heart of Dundrum village is the home of one of the largest shopping complexes in Ireland, Dundrum Town Centre which opened in 2005. The centre holds over 120 stores, cinema, mill theatre, as well as a full medical centre. It is also well served with restaurants and bars. Historically Dundrum was one of first towns to have a purpose built shopping centre. This is still open today rebranded as Dundrum Village Centre which is occupied by a variety of local businesses.

Dundrum has a strong community spirit which is driven by Dundrum community council, local churches, resident association and a number of local groups. Education and enterprise is pivotal to the Village, with the town boasting a number of excellent schools and colleges such as the College of Further Education, Ashfield College and an adult training and education facility, not forgetting the state of the art village library.

The village has superb infrastructure, with the green line Luas passing through Dundrum over the William Dargan Bridge, which is the largest engineering structure on the green line, bus services and is in close proximity to the M50.

Dundrum is a family friendly residential area with a mix of old and new amenities. In the thriving community, there are a fantastic range clubs and parks. It is the home to the athletics club, Dundrum Football Club and also the GAA club Naomh Olaf.

Tourism is also very prominent in Dundrum. Hidden amongst the busy village is a beautiful 38 acre working farm called Airfield which attracts hundreds of visitors each week. The history of this farm dates back to 1893.

Dundrum Business Park is home to a number of enterprises including Cartrawler. The village is also the local for choice for companies such as RSA. Dundrum is a thriving urban village that is continuing to grow as an enterprising town.

Written by Stephen Larkin

Published on 13 August, 2019