The National Enterprise Town Awards: Broadford

We are profiling all the towns to enter this year’s National Enterprise Town Awards. Today we are looking at Broadford in Limerick.

Broadford is a village situated in west limerick and is just two miles from Cork border. It has a population of 450 with further 1000 people living in the surrounding areas.

According to records, the village is relatively new, and was first recorded by cartographers in 1837. Prior to its current name, it was known as “Killaliathan” or “Killagholehane”. This name derives from Killaliathan Church, located 1.6 km to the south, a medieval church now partially ruined.



The area has seen quite a lot of change in recent years. Over the last two decades, they have developed the following:

  • a community of 21 social houses and a day care centre.
  • a community creche employing 22 people.
  • a community enterprise centre which employs 8 people.

Due to the ongoing development of the village, it has helped other clubs and local groups to see what can be achieved, and this has led to the further creation of new handball facilities, state of the art soccer facilities and the development of a new playground.

Thanks to these efforts made in the community, more people are settling in Broadford. This is perhaps more evident with the increasing numbers in village’s national school, from a low of 96 in 1999 to 175 in 2019.

Every year, the village organise fundraisers of various kinds to support the growth of Broadford. New committees and local groups are regularly established in the area, bringing new ideas on how to take Broadford forward, while giving locals the opportunity to have a say it their village’s future.

Published: 7 November, 2019