Has your business designed and developed a product or a service that enhances the lives of people over the age of 50? 

The Smart Ageing Awards aims to recognise and celebrate businesses that create products, services or technologies that can enhance the lives of people over 50.

For full details, and to enter, simply visit the ISAX website.

“There are so many business opportunities to target people aged over 50 and many startups in the smart ageing space,” said Bobby Kerr at the launch of the awards. “It is great to see an awards platform designed to reward those in the smart ageing economy and to ensure quality businesses are recognised.”

Rewarding talent 

“We are looking forward to seeing entries from a broad range of firms and to showcase the talent in this growing sector,” says Anne Connolly, CEO, ISAX.

Pictured are Bobby Kerr; Anne Connolly, CEO, ISAX; Michael Murphy, founder, ProU; and David Tighe, head of innovation at Bank of Ireland, sponsor of the 2017 ISAX Smart Ageing Innovation Awards 2017.

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