HR Suite marks 10 years with diversity book

How does your average business mark 10 years of trading? Throw a party? Crack open the champagne? No, the HR Suite in Dublin and Kerry decided to publish a children’s book to promote diversity and inclusivity.

The novel approach by The HR Suite has resulted in a book that can be used by parents and teachers or as a CSR tool by businesses.

The workbook, entitled ‘Celebrating You’, will be available to download for free and it is hoped it will be used to motivate discussions around diversity and inclusivity – both at home and at work.

“If we start bringing home these messages to young people at an early age then it becomes a normal part of life”

The HR Suite is based in Kerry and Dublin and offers tailored human resources and business solutions to clients across the country. It has 15 full-time staff members, including a team of consultants.

Celebrating equality and diversity in the workplace

The book, the brainchild of HR Suite founder Caroline McEnery, is aimed at teachers, parents and guardians who can read it as a storybook to children to spark conversations around various topics. It is also hoped that other companies will use it as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes.

“When our 10th anniversary was coming up, I wanted do something different that would give something back to the community in a positive way,” McEnery said. “We have received so much support over the 10 years since we were in business that I wanted to show how grateful we were by doing some good for society.

“We tried to identify ways to celebrate our 10th birthday with something that would help from both a social perspective but also respond to what our clients are saying they need impactful help with. As equality and diversity in the workplace has never been a more important topic to embrace as employers, managers and team members, we decided to work on this initiative.”

While the book is free, The HR Suite said would encourage those who download it to donate to Enable Ireland, which works to enable and empower children and adults with disabilities to achieve independence, choice and inclusion.

Each page has a short story and illustrations which deal with various topics – from the variety of family makeups and coping with grief to being excluded or being different.

“All of the issues are ones we have encountered during our work,” said McEnery who has also authored a people management book entitled The Art of Asking the Right Questions.

“We hope that this book will help parents, guardians and teachers to approach these issues as if we start bringing home these messages to young people at an early age then it becomes a normal part of life. The topic will become a social norm to deal with challenges that occur in life’s journey,”

Written by John Kennedy

Published 5 July 2019

Pictured (above) at the launch of the book in the gardens of Enable Ireland Kerry were: Mikayla O’Sullivan, Emma Fenix and The HR Suite founder and author of the book Caroline McEnery. Image: Pauline Dennigan