The Temenos innovation jam for Fintechs

If you are a Fintech startup or are interested in the future of banking and finance, the Temenos Innovation Jam March 6, 2018, in Dublin, is a must-attend event.

Are you a Fintech startup? Are you interested in financial technology and the future of banking? If so, you really should attend the Temenos Innovation Jam in Dublin. 

On the day, a host of innovation and banking folks will meet to greet and chat with a host of Fintechs. It promises to be an excellent day encompassing exceptional talks, panels, keynotes and of course pitches. The room will be full of Fintech buyers, investors, startups and more so it’s a fantastic opportunity for all you Fintech startups to get on the radar of Temenos and make yourself known.

What is Temenos?

Temenos has been supplying core banking solutions for over 20 years to some of the world’s top-tier banks and selling its services to over 2,000 companies worldwide. Recently the business saw an opportunity to help clients interact with Fintech firms through the addition of a marketplace.

I’m excited about how a marketplace for Fintechs can help reduce integration costs, and time while helping to spur forward some top tech startups in the Fintech space.

I will say it again, apply and register now

On March 6, Temenos will host the first heat of the Temenos Jam in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland. It’s an excellent opportunity for Fintech startups to pitch their ideas and get the right kind of attention.

Please apply now, and I hope to see you there on the day.

Apply here as a Fintech.

Book here as an attendee, an investor or a finance professional. 

Article by Gene Murphy