National Enterprise Town Awards: Tallaght

We are profiling all the towns to enter this year’s National Enterprise Town Awards. Today we are looking at Tallaght, South County Dublin.

Tallaght is the county town of South Dublin County with a population of some 80,000 people and presents a diverse mix of cultures, ages and people.

The town of Tallaght plays host to some of the most iconic sports stadiums in the country, notably the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght Stadium and Sports Club, Shamrock Rovers, Thomas Davis, and SBG Tallaght for mixed martial arts. Tallaght Stadium alone is home to international and national football tournaments.

The community spirit is truly alive with local events like Tallaght Fest, which is attended by more than 50,000 people and Bank of Ireland has supported Shamrock Rovers community projects during 2019. Another key local development is Tallaght Institute of Technology merging with Dublin’s other Institutes of Technology to become part of Technology University Dublin.

Among the key business events taking place was the Biz Expo for Dublin 24 which had 150 companies showcasing their products and services. Bank of Ireland also hosted an recruitment evening with over 100 candidates attending.

Tallaght is a vibrant hub for education, health and enterprise with the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, Dublin Education & Training Board, Tallaght Hospital and South Dublin Chamber who contribute significantly to the area.

Social and community enterprise

Tallaght has a strong community spirit which is driven by Tallaght Community Council and local groups. Tallaght has an excellent infrastructure with transport links being served by the Luas red line, bus services and is in close proximity to M50 and national primary routes. It also plays host to one of the largest shopping centres in the country, the Square.

The town is at the cutting edge of key cultural and infrastructural development with plans for direct heating for the area planned in the near future.

Nearby global giants from Google to Microsoft and Pfizer have multi-billion-euro operations located in the Grange Castle Business Park.

A little known fact about Tallaght is that it is home to one of Ireland’s ancient monastic centres.

The town boasts a strong Women in Business network and its business collaborate with the local colleges and institution including the Local Enterprise Office. As the town scales, so too will its enterprises.

When it comes to social entrepreneurship, Tallaght boasts one of the strongest communities in Ireland.

Tallaght is home to a broad mix of traditional multi-generation and new businesses as well as long-standing social enterprises that have set the benchmark for others to live up to. These include Trustus (Tallaght Welfare Society) which is now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Partas (formerly Get Tallaght Working) which has been active since the 1980s, An Cosán which offers adult education and other services to women from disadvantaged areas and newer start-up social enterprises like FoodCloud which takes unwanted food from supermarkets and resdistributes it to the homeless.

Looking to the future, as the population of Tallaght hurtles toward 100,000 people, the town represents a diverse community of people as well as businesses that range from technology to engineering and food.

Main image: Peyton Edwards (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Published by John Kennedy (

Published: 7 October, 2019