Startup Boost is a global pre accelerator with a simple mission – to steer tech startups to financial success.

Launching in Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Dublin in October 2017, Startup Boost will bring together over 100 startups in six global chapters for a six-week program.

“The idea is simple,” says Gene Murphy, co-founder. “The teams selected for Startup Boost will be there to increase their success ratio for the next stages of their business. This could be joining an accelerator program or raising seed funding. The focus will be on their business model and how they will generate revenue.”

The startups that make the program will receive weekly advice from experts in the areas of customer development, venture funding and market sizing while also having access to key local mentors with weekly one-on-one sessions to clarify their value propositions.

It’s about making money

“The focus is on revenue and preparing startups for accelerators,” says Murphy. “Startup Boost is for businesses that have made the first step and now want to scale. As a startup, you are often expected to go from first to fifth gear without ever having got up to speed in third. Our aim is to get startups up to speed before they try and hit fifth gear.”

Startup Boost takes no equity from startups on the program. After the program the businesses will have access to continued support.

“Support will come from their chapter directors as well as the growing community of community leaders within the Startup Boost network. The aim is to help them expand into new markets in Europe, Canada and the United States,” says Murphy.

Applications are now open at in Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Dublin for the October cohort with interest now being accepted for chapters launching in 2018 in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

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