Free third level courses for job seekers

Springboard+ is the government programme for job seekers who want to reskill and get jobs in growth industries. 

Springboard+ is run by the Higher Education Authority and provides free part-time, intensive conversion courses to thousands of job seekers each year.  

Many big companies, particularly in the technology and bio-pharm sectors, find it difficult to recruit skilled people. 

Two upcoming events will give details of the free third-level courses on offer through this year’s Springboard+ programme. 

springboard free courses

The first information event for Springboard+ 2016 will be at the Printworks building in Dublin Castle on Tuesday, 16th August. The second will be held at the Metropole Hotel in Cork City on Thursday, 18th August. Both events, free and open to all, will run from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Nearly 6,000 free places on over 180 courses, in colleges all over Ireland, are on offer.

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