SME jobs market shows growth

The jobs market in Ireland is improving. More SMEs are recruiting staff and job seekers are more confident about finding work. 

The total number of jobs available rose by 17 per cent in the last year, according to the Jobs Index*.

Sectors driving the increase in jobs include: telecoms, up 41 per cent; science, pharmaceuticals and food, up 28 per cent; financial services and insurance, up 49 per cent; construction, architecture and property, up 18 per cent; retail, up 15 per cent; and tourism, up 14 per cent, compared with the same time last year.

50 per cent of job seekers, either employed, currently unemployed or in education and training, believe that the jobs market is improving.

Job seekers are also increasingly flexible. 93 per cent of those surveyed, both employed and unemployed, says they would improve their skills and retrain for a new job.

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* Jobs Index

The Jobs Index is an indicator for the jobs market reporting all corporate jobs advertised for the top two recruitment websites in Ireland – and from 01/04/15 to 30/06/15.