Selling online in Ireland

Are you setting up an eCommerce operation or upgrading your website to sell your products or services? Read this.

The majority of smaller Irish businesses don’t sell online. Research released in April 2015 by the Ireland’s domain registry IEDR showed that nine out of ten SMEs cannot process sales on their websites.

eCommerce opens up exciting opportunities for Irish businesses but also some challenges, particularly for business owners who don’t consider themselves tech savvy. These new resources are designed to help Irish businesses make the leap into eCommerce.

Here are three resources:

  • eCommerce: three ways to create an online store – this guide looks at simple “buy now” buttons on your website as well as online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. It weighs up the pros and cons of these options against creating your own eCommerce site
  • eCommerce: how to choose the right platform – this guide considers cloud-based eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and Magento and so-called “self-hosted” eCommerce solutions which range from WordPress plugins to more sophisticated solutions
  • eCommerce template – use this simple template to identify your requirements for an eCommerce solution and seek competitive quotes from web developers

These are the latest in a series of Internet-related resources for Irish businesses. You should also check out: