Cloudy with a chance of secure remote working

New cloud service from Equinix and AirSpeed Telecom will help enterprises roll out secure remote working with low latency.

AirSpeed Telecom and Equinix have joined forces to deploy a secure cloud platform for enterprises empowering workers to work remotely.

The joint cloud offering comes as results of an independent survey commissioned by Equinix, finds 38pc of Irish IT decision-makers believe the volume of data breaches will increase with the widespread rollout of remote working solutions.

“Remote working is all about employee satisfaction and boosting productivity”

The survey also shows 31pc of businesses in Ireland cannot fully support employee remote working because of latency issues.

The cloud solution delivers bandwidth ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps to ensure businesses can easily access more than 145 cloud service providers via a fast, secure and reliable dedicated private line, therefore supporting a variety of use cases in addition to remote working, such as business continuity and disaster recovery.

How secure is remote working?

Two men in suits standing in front of a screen.

Pictured: Charles O’Reilly from AirSpeed with Kevin O’Connor from Equinix

“Our research shows Ireland’s IT decision-makers are cautious of the impact remote working will have on cybersecurity – and rightly so,” said Kevin O’Connor, channel manager at Equinix.

“Organisations must ensure that in their efforts to modernise their business, they are also considering the security risks in doing so. Remote working is all about employee satisfaction and boosting productivity. Organisations who experience latency issues won’t be able to reap the benefits of remote working, as it will slow down workloads and frustrate users. Having direct access to the world’s leading cloud service providers is therefore essential in removing these hurdles.”

Equinix’s collaboration with AirSpeed Telecom addresses these concerns with the launch of AirSpeed Cloud Connectivity.

AirSpeed Cloud Connectivity allows businesses to privately and seamlessly interconnect with the world’s largest cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Google Cloud.

As Equinix offers direct access to the highest concentration of major cloud provider onramps in the world, it allows businesses to choose the cloud services that best fit their, and their employees’, ever-changing business requirements.

Equinix’s third annual Global Interconnection Index (GXI) shows the need to connect to multiple clouds and IT services represents the fastest-growing use of interconnection bandwidth – in other words, the bandwidth required for businesses to privately connect to clouds, enterprises and networks – is growing at an expected 112pc CAGR by 2022.

“As cloud services continue to grow and facilitate the strategic needs and direction for more and more organisations, AirSpeed Cloud Connectivity has been designed to provide fully managed, secure and reliable access to the cloud,” explained Charles O’Reilly, general manager of AirSpeed Telecom.

“Reliance on the cloud, and the benefits it will deliver, continues to expand; and throughout that journey businesses can rely on AirSpeed every step of the way.”

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 21 February, 2020