Scope eyed a €200k digital transformation deal

Dublin software company OSSM Cloud Solutions has implemented a €200,000 digital transformation project for family eyecare business Scope Opthalmics.

OSSM implemented a customised NetSuite ERP solution for Scope Ophthalmics that will enable the company to manage its entire business from one cloud-based platform and supporting its expansion into the US.

“Before Scope Ophthalmics could look to expand into new markets, it was essential that we put in place a single platform capable of pulling together information from all operations to give us a clear picture of where the business was at,” explained Larry Dune, group finance director, Scope Ophtalmics.

“ It has also given us a previously unimaginable insight into every aspect of the business, with daily detailed reports allowing us to optimise our business for continued business growth and success”

“OSSM Cloud quickly identified our needs and seamlessly implemented a solution that is enabling us to grow outside Ireland and the UK while scaling with ease.

“The NetSuite ERP solution has completely revolutionised our business, streamlining processes for our staff into one slick, easy-to-use platform and removing the need for laborious data duplication. It has also given us a previously unimaginable insight into every aspect of the business, with daily detailed reports allowing us to optimise our business for continued business growth and success.”

The eyes have it

Scope Ophthalmics is a family-owned Irish business which offers a range of eyecare products to pharmacies, hospitals, opticians, and consumers. Its products are used primarily to manage dry eye disease, caused by a malfunction of the tear-duct and which stings or burns the eyes.

The business has enjoyed significant growth, doubling both its turnover and staff numbers in the last three years. The company now has more than 100 employees spread across its Irish and UK offices and is currently expanding its product offering to the US market.

Given its rapid growth, Scope Ophthalmics quickly outgrew its existing financial software. In addition, the company was using multiple disparate systems to manage and run its business, including separate accounting software for Ireland and the UK, cumbersome handheld ordering systems for both countries, as well as a standalone customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Lack of integration between systems meant that there was no clear visibility of stock availability or operational performance across the two regions and a significant amount of employee time was spent collating data into spreadsheets. This greatly hampered employee productivity and impacted on order fulfilment.

Scope Ophthalmics contacted OSSM Cloud based to customise and implement a NetSuite ERP solution specifically moulded to meet the company’s business needs and address productivity issues and inefficiencies.  

All of Scope Ophthalmics’ in-house systems are now integrated into one cloud platform which is having a transformative impact across the entire organisation. Regardless of their location, staff can now process orders in real-time on a single integrated system, giving Scope Ophthalmics up-to-the-minute sales and performance data. The solution has also optimised accounting efficiency by granting finance staff end-to-end visibility of business operations and accelerating the financial close process by 35pc.

Automated invoicing and detailed reporting also enhances Scope Ophthalmics’ professional image with customers enjoying a smoother experience with stock fulfilment no longer an issue. The cloud platform is completely scalable, allowing Scope Ophthalmics to avail of additional functionality as the company continues to grow. The capabilities of the solution will equip Scope Ophthalmics to capitalise on new opportunities both at home and abroad.

“Scope Ophthalmics is at a hugely exciting point in its business journey,” said Ray Ryan, CEO, OSSM Cloud Solutions.

“It is now equipped with a world-class cloud-based ERP solution which provides it with all the capabilities needed to expand into the US. The company is now more connected and automated in all departments, from accounts to supply chain to business intelligence. Scope Ophthalmics is now not only equipped to run faster and better, but is futureproofed to achieve its growth ambitions with confidence.” 

Pictured above (from left): Ray Ryan, CEO, OSSM Cloud Solutions; and Larry Dunne, Group Finance Director, Scope Ophthalmics.

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 4 November, 2019