Roz Purcell’s healthy pop-up

Roz Purcell recently opened a pop-up shop on Baggot St. in Dublin, selling healthy lunches. So popular was the offering, the shop sold out of its produce the first day it opened. Here we talk to Roz about opening a pop-up shop. 

What exactly was involved in setting up a pop-up shop, how did it happen? 

A lot was involved. It didn’t happen easily. First of all, I had to find premises. We only found the shop two weeks before opening. I was walking by this place, going to the gym every morning, and I always wanted a pop-up to do with my book. So I was just trying to find somewhere that was a nice size and in a busy location – somewhere people could go in and out and sit down if they wanted. I hounded the landlord. Getting the right property is the hardest thing.

However, I discovered there’s a website called Property. There’s a pop-up section on the website. There was a lot of work involved. We did the set up in eight days. I put up a time-lapse video of all the workings of it last night. I got an excellent PR company, Hunter PR, and they’ve worked on projects like the Tayto pop-up store. Getting everything together can be tough. The PR agency was superb at getting stuff for the restaurant whereas our focus was the menu and getting the food ready. I got a really good sponsor because it was all for charity.

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How long does the food preparation take?

My hands are sore. I didn’t realise my fingers could hurt so much. I’m prepping food from 5am to 9pm so I’m really looking forward to relaxing after this. I love the adrenaline rush and it’s such a good buzz if I’m being honest, but it’s also very hard work.

The future, would you do it again?

I definitely want to do more pop-ups. I’d move them around Ireland. I’m from Munster so a lot of people from the likes of Cork, Kilkenny and Tipperary are saying ‘Where are our pop ups?’. Our whole family is working here but it’s been the best laugh. We’ve killed each other but it’s been great fun. A brilliant experience overall.

Getting to meet people who’ve bought my book is the best thing about the experience and then talking with those who say they’ve used my recipes. That’s so exciting to hear. 

All proceeds from sales at Roz’s pop-up shop will be donated to The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People which provides food and other assistance to hundreds of people in need in Dublin.