100 innovators across Ireland are ready to help SMEs ‘restart’

An interactive all-island map featuring innovative technology solutions to enable businesses to operate in these disruptive Covid times has been created.

A new initiative called the RestartBizMap has been launched by TechIreland that showcase more than 100 innovative technology solutions. The initiative is supported by Technology Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Skillnet Ireland

The project aims to encourage technology adoption by the industry, promote homegrown tech innovation and connect technology providers to industry sectors: retail, manufacturing and services.

“Irish tech companies have a range of innovations to help industry adapt to the new post-Covid requirements”

100 tech companies on the island have already added their ‘restart solutions’ to the Map.

This project will support other Covid business initiatives, such as Rebound by Skillnet Ireland, Reboot & Reimagine by Ibec and Covid-19 Supports by InterTradeIreland. 

To encourage technology adoption, a directory of ‘Restart’ solutions will be promoted widely. TechIreland is also reaching out to the industry to identify their ‘restart requirements’, these requirements will be shared with relevant tech providers.

Real solutions to help businesses restart

Map of Ireland showing digital solutions for businesses.

Click on image to access map.

The initiative aims to help businesses remain open and functioning. It will focus on real solutions to help businesses restart and reimagine how they operate. It will highlight funding and tender opportunities and hopefully foster new partnerships.

“Industry in Ireland must continue to adapt to the ever-changing business environment,” said Una Fitzpatrick, director of Technology Ireland, the technology trade body within Ibec.

“There are new innovative solutions being created every day to help companies shift their operations online while remaining productive and working remotely.”

The RestartBizMap will include innovative tech companies on the TechIreland database and others. If you are looking to find a suitable solution to problems you may be facing as a result of these Covid times, or would like to list your offering on the free directory, add it here.

RestartBizMap listing is a free service to bring tech providers and tech seekers closer. The map focuses on 10 categories including remote working, new supply chains, reskilling/training, employee engagement, selling online etc.

“We are aiming to connect Irish technology providers to adopters,” said John O’Dea, CEO of TechIreland.

“Irish tech companies have a range of innovations to help industry adapt to the new post-Covid requirements. At the same time, many companies are looking for new solutions, whether they are in construction or healthcare or the hospitality sector. Until now there hasn’t been an easy way for the two sides to connect. We hope this new directory will go some way towards helping them create new opportunities for the economy.”

An all-island endeavour

The #RestartBizMap is an all-island initiative that aims to foster cross-border collaboration.

“These are challenging times for businesses in both Ireland and Northern Ireland,” said Aidan Gough, CEO of InterTradeIreland.

“Every sector is having to adapt to new realities and adopt different ways of working. But this is also a time of great opportunity for new technologies and solutions that can enable more sustainable and efficient ways of working. InterTradeIreland supports the RestartBizMap project and its potential to facilitate businesses on both sides of the border to connect and collaborate, through homegrown innovation-driven solutions,” Gough added.

Mark Jordan, chief technologist of Skillnet Ireland, emphasised the importance of ongoing training of staff during these unprecedented times.

“As business continues to evolve in this digital age, it is imperative for companies to prioritise talent and skills development more than ever, and ensure they are firmly aligned to transformational change strategies,” he said.

“At Skillnet Ireland, and in conjunction with our industry partners, we respond to the national skills needs by developing technology focused learning programmes which will ensure the efficient integration of these innovative solutions,” Jordan said.

By John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 1 October, 2020