650 remote work roles available in Ireland today

Grow Remote has launched new resources and tools to keep job hunters and firms in the loop.

There are more than 650 remote jobs currently open in Ireland, social enterprise Grow Remote has claimed.

The organisation has emphasised that it is critical that these jobs are accessed by communities that could gain from the economic uplift and underscored this by revealing two new tools to help people open to remote work to find employment.

“It’s really important that these jobs get to the communities who need them most, and that’s where these resources come in”

These include a new national database of remote work experts to help companies gain access to useful knowledge and a new free “finding remote work” intro course that has already been taken by 410 people.

The tools are designed as a resource with everything needed to find “location agnostic employment in one location.

The future of work in Ireland?

With more than 650 remote jobs available in Ireland Grow Remote general manager John Evoy emphasised the importance of making it easy to discover such roles.

“We also know that’s a conservative figure, it doesn’t include the 270 remote jobs that were announced by the IDA over the past two months. Both of which were announced in Ireland, but without a specific location. It’s really important that these jobs get to the communities who need them most, and that’s where these resources come in.”

For companies seeking to implement remote work access to industry experts is vital, and the national database of experts in remote work seeks to make it easy to find this knowledge. 

Rose Barrett, co-founder and community manager at Grow Remote explained: “We want to see remote work work for companies. That means getting to grips with the nuances around remote first or asynchronous communications. We meet experts in this field on a daily basis, and we want to remove any barriers to accessing this information.”

In collaboration with Laois Offaly Enterprise Training Board (LOETB), IDA Ireland, SOLAS and Grow Remote, there have been 200 managers trained in over 30 companies, while some 221 job seekers have been trained in the skills of remote working.

This programme continues to run with unprecedented demand, said Barrett.

Around 70 local volunteers have set up local and offline communities of remote workers across the country, with a view to using this to revitalise local communities.

By John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 12 January 2021