Ireland now experiencing net migration of professionals

As the job market improves, Ireland is now experiencing a net migration of talented professionals.

20% more professionals came to Ireland than left the country in the second quarter of 2015, suggests new data from LinkedIn.

The sectors that attracted the most professionals moving to Ireland were:

1. Technology (software)
2. Professional services
3. Technology (hardware)
4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
5. Retail & Consumer products

The regions that contributed the most professionals to Ireland in terms of net migration during the period were:

1. Italy (16%)
2. Latin America (14%)
3. France (13%)
4. Asia (8%)
5. Eastern Europe/Balkans (8%)

Ireland’s popularity as a place to do business and the economic turnaround have contributed to this increased demand for talent.

Companies based in Ireland are increasingly confident and there’s a growing demand for business development and sales people.

There has also been an increase in the number of people leaving very large companies (with 1,000+ employees) and taking up entrepreneurship roles as individuals or within smaller firms.

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