Know the score. Prepare for Brexit

Have you tested your business to see what impact Brexit will bring? Now you can. It’s time to #PrepareforBrexit.

The only certainty that Brexit has brought is that it will have a disruptive effect on Ireland, economically and socially. If you are in business, it’s important to prepare for change.

Enterprise Ireland has launched a Brexit SME Scorecard to help companies self-assess their readiness for Brexit.

“Irish companies must prepare for a hard Brexit. The SME Scorecard is a first step to putting a Brexit business plan in place,” says Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland.

Based on answers supplied by you, the business owner, the Scorecard generates a report that has suggested actions and resources, and information on events for companies to attend, to prepare for Brexit. 

You can try the Scorecard here.

“Enterprise Ireland clients can also apply for up to €5,000 in funding to develop a business action plan.”

“Now that Article 50 is triggered, a two-year time frame counting down to the UK’s exit from the EU has been set. Irish companies should start preparing for a hard Brexit and be fully equipped to meet both the challenges and the opportunities arising from Brexit head-on,” says Sinnamon.

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