The ThinkBusiness Brexit Hub

Are you prepared for Brexit? Do you need support and guidance? If so, help is at hand.

As the UK prepares to depart from the EU, Irish SMEs must prepare for the consequences of Brexit. Irish businesses need to understand and manage the risks of Brexit to their businesses, while also making sure they have access to finance. The tools below will help you prepare for, and manage, risks. 

Cash flow planner

Make sure your business has enough cash flow in the next few years. Use this free cash flow template to prepare for any market changes.

Sensitivity analysis template

This brilliant tool allows you to show the possible impacts that market changes will have on your business plan and your cash flow. It’s free to download and is an essential tool to help you deal with Brexit.

A sales forecast template

Another great tool that will help you prepare for Brexit is this sales forecast template. Remember, it’s best to prepare for change. Please don’t wait to react to it.

A brilliant business plan template

It is always a good idea to revisit your business plan and prepare a new one in light of Brexit. This excellent template is free to download and use.

The Brexit Loan Scheme

This is a €300 million loan fund made available to eligible firms in Ireland as they face into Brexit. The money will be lent at a fixed rate of 4%, the most affordable rate on the market. Apply now.

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How to deal with Brexit risks

Identifying and targeting new markets should also be given serious consideration. A good place to start is with your UK based competitors.