17-year-old entrepreneur’s Positivity Pack

James Corneille is a 17-year-old Irish entrepreneur. His latest venture is the Positivity Pack.

James Corneille

Is this your first venture?

I may be 17, but I’ve tried to launch other projects and businesses. This is the first time anything has taken off. I went from failure from failure until I hit success.

What is the Positivity Pack?

Positivity Pack is a chill-out kit for those horrible, rainy, hair-pulling, frustrating and unfortunate days.

There are lots of those with the Irish weather. Who is the product for?

Someone who’s a bit stressed, or unhappy or has a friend feeling blue. It’s also aimed at people who want a bit of fun. I also cater for the corporate side of things with custom, branded packs.

How does it ‘work’?

If there’s someone in your life right now that you think needs a bit of cheering up, you can surprise them with a Positivity Pack, or even get one for yourself. You can send it anonymously (or add your name), and include a personal message. It’s like spreading that Friday feeling. You can also send customised packs to connect with friends. Employers can also post custom, branded packs to employees on special occasions or just to show they care.

What do you want to achieve with this project?

I want to get enough money so I can make a difference and power more positive projects. That’s the end game – helping others.

Positivity Pack

How do people buy one?

They can buy it from the site from as little as €6 – positivitypack.com.

What’s your ambition for the future?

I’m not sure with regards to college; I’m still applying to go, but at the moment it’s to keep working on Positivity Pack. I’ll do whatever seems best for my career.

If you were the ‘ruler of Ireland for a day’ what would you do?

I’d Google ‘How to be the ruler of Ireland for a day!’ Ha ha. I’d make more importance on mental health and probably do a few more press releases about Positivity Pack.

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Photos from James Corneille.