Pinergy drives into the future with new EV charging platform

Irish electric car drivers can now find the best charging tariff available to them through Pinergy Drive’s smart metering technology.

Irish smart energy player Pinergy has joined forces with Ohme to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers access the best tariffs.

The launch of the new offering from Pinergy and Ohme coincided with World EV Day yesterday (9 September) of which both companies are founding partners.

“The future of electric vehicles in Ireland is huge and the potential for what Pinergy can do for its EV customers is very exciting”

In the UK, where Ohme has also partnered with energy companies, UK electric car drivers have been able to charge their electric vehicles during low peak hours and/or when the grid is at its greenest. When there is excess supply on the grid, those drivers on the right electricity tariffs can even be paid to charge.

Intelligent EV car charger

According to Pinergy CEO Enda Gunnell, the Ohme team sought Pinergy out as it has the unique ability to do time of use tariffs through its smart meter technology to launch into the Irish market.

With these time of use tariffs, Pinergy can price electricity at variable prices at different times of the day, based on demand. For example, Pinergy can offer their customers an EV charge at a 70pc discount between 2am and 5am. This works out at about €1 to charge for 150km range.

Pinergy and Ohme are also offering the first 100 electric vehicle customers who sign up to the offer a discounted Ohme cable at €300 (normal price will be €450).

In the UK, the Ohme intelligent charger and app, which works in harmony with your energy tariff to find the best time of day to meet your charging goals. This may be lowest cost, the greenest charge or a combination of both. Simply use your app to set your goals and the Ohme cable does the rest. 

“We’re very excited to be working with Ohme on this new partnership,” said Gunnell. “Using the Ohme intelligent cable in conjunction with Pinergy’s unique time of use tariffs offers EV drivers a fantastic opportunity, particularly those drivers who want to charge their vehicle at home.

“The future of electric vehicles in Ireland is huge and the potential for what Pinergy can do for its EV customers is very exciting and we’re looking forward to unveiling many more promising possibilities. We’re delighted to be a founding partner of World EV Day and look to forward to continuing to deliver innovation solutions for our commercial and domestic customers.”

Pinergy Drive offers complete energy packages for smart electric vehicle charging at home, in the workplace and in communal parking areas. With Pinergy’s smart meter technology, residential customers can now benefit with separate EV charging tariffs from their home energy supply.

The company is working closely with some of Ireland’s most innovative technology providers and underpins each of its partner technologies with smart energy management software that provides customers with data to more easily monitor and track their energy usage, getting instant real-time visibility on energy consumption and costs.

“We are delighted to partner with Pinergy in Ireland,” said Ohme CEO and founder David Watson. “EVs play a vital role in Ireland’s transition to green mobility. Pinergy’s 100pc renewable energy offering, combined with Ohme intelligent charging is great news for EV drivers and the environment. It will not only significantly reduce the total cost of owning an EV by passing on energy cost savings but will have a profound and positive impact on Ireland’s green agenda.”

Pictured: Pinergy CEO Enda Gunnell

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 10 September, 2020