Galway company Orreco’s tech helps 100 Olympic athletes

Biomarker company Orreco has helped more than 100 elite Olympic athletes from the Ireland, the US, UK and Australlia prepare for this summer in Tokyo.

The specialist sports performance and biomarker company Orreco has in recent years developed an acclaimed range of products powered by biomarkers and artificial intelligence (AI), which helps all athletes maximise training, reduce the threat of injury – and become the very best in their particular discipline.

This includes the acclaimed Orreco Female Athlete program, including its FitrWoman app and FitrCoach platform, which challenges how elite female athletes are monitored, protected and supported and helps them train in sync with their menstrual cycle, to sustain peak performance at the highest level.

“As our athletes work to be faster, stronger and aim higher, so do our scientists to make scientific breakthroughs and new discoveries”

Orreco was established in 2020 and has offices in Galway, London and Los Angeles. Its scientists analyse athlete data and deliver evidence-based, personalized strategies to improve recovery rates, optimize training response and protect against excessive fatigue and under-recovery.

Peak performance

By keeping athletes in their peak performance zone, Orreco aims to reduce injury and illness risk for elite athletes and extend playing careers. Orreco scientists have been analysing athlete data for over 18 years in 16 different sports for over 2000 elite athletes.

“The games have always had a special place in our Orreco story,” said Orreco CEO and founder Dr Brian Moore. “Members of our team have been fortunate to support athletes since 2000 in Sydney. As our athletes work to be faster, stronger and aim higher, so do our scientists to make scientific breakthroughs and new discoveries. We are excited to cheer them and their support teams on in Tokyo.”

Among the roster of Orreco athletes and members of teams working with Orreco who are headed to Tokyo, are:

  • Ireland’s exciting 1500 metre hopeful Sarah Healy
  • 4 time gold medallist, WNBA Champion Sue Bird of the USA
  • 8 time medallist, USA swimmer Allison Schmitt,
  • USA skateboarder Mariah Duran,
  • GB marathon runner Chris Thompson,
  • GB slalom canoeists Kim Woods and Mallory Franklin,
  • Alix Klineman, USA beach volleyball player
  • USA cross-country mountain biker Haley Batten 
  • GB distance runner Jess Piasecki 
  • 2016 medallist Nijel Amos of Botswana / Oregon Track Club Elite 

“Over the past several years, I have become passionate about understanding the ways I can help my body be at its best,” said USA beach volleyball player Alix Klineman.

“Hormones definitely play a big role both in everyday life, and also in relation to my training and volleyball career.

“Working with Orreco’s Female Athlete programme has helped to optimise my hormonal health, and navigate the changes that happen during a menstrual cycle so that I can optimise my athletic performance.”

As well as its close association with some of the world’s top sports women and men, Orreco has invested a seven-figure sum in female athlete research, supporting several PhD sports science and data science students through to completion and a female athlete product suite including the free FitrWoman app.

The company has developed a series of special PhD scholarships as part of a $1m investment programme, investing collaboratively with university partners to achieve this – and underpinned by science.

The programme includes a new partnership with the University of Waikato (in partnership with High Performance Sport New Zealand) to study cultural and sociological themes surrounding the implementation of technological solutions related to the menstrual cycle in elite sport.

It also includes a PhD programme with Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) in Ireland with the aim to elucidating the impact of phases of the menstrual cycle on the ability to successfully perform physical and mental tasks as well as a PhD in University College London with a focus on advancing the tools and processes involved in monitoring female athlete health and physiology under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Georgie Bruinvels and Professor Charles Pedlar of Orreco.

“We are really excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the global charge to advance research in the female athlete space through these PhD programmes,” said Dr Bruinvels.

“Through our applied work, we have many questions that need to be answered through research, and it is great to be working with some inspiring partners in our mission to address these.”

Main image at top (left to right, top to bottom): Pat Tiernan, Australia 5000m/10000m; Haley Batten – USA – XC Mountain bike; Nijel Amos, Botswana, 800m; Jess Piasecki – GB – Marathon; Sarah Healy – Ireland – 1500m; Sue Bird – USA – Basketball; Alix Kilneman – USA – Beach volleyball

By John Kennedy (

Published: 14 July 2021