Olive Safety targets €5m revenues by year’s end

It’s expected up to 20,000 people will sign up for Olive Safety courses this year.

Olive Safety predicts it will increase revenues to €5m by the end of this year and the company expects this to further increase to €6m by the end of 2021.

In normal times, the company trains around 10,000 people a year, but because Covid-19 related health and safety regulations have had to be introduced to all workplaces, all workers who have previously passed mandatory health and safety training courses have to refresh their training.

“Our courses have been modified to include the current social distancing rules and regulations. As a result, we are expecting twice as many people to take up our training this year compared to last”

The company has done deals with The Port of Cork and Dublin Town to help both business districts to get back up and running safely. Spokespersons for both collectives were pleased to endorse Olive Safety.

As cases of Covid-19 start to rise again, businesses that are currently in operation are being faced with the challenge of remaining open, while also ensuring the safety of their employees and wider community.

“As a result of the HSA’s Covid-19 safety measures, we quickly adapted our programmes to offer companies a wide range of health and safety online courses that can be branded and delivered through the eLearning platform,” explained Kevin Doyle, managing director of Olive Safety.

“Our courses have been modified to include the current social distancing rules and regulations. As a result, we are expecting twice as many people to take up our training this year compared to last.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Dublin Town and the Port of Cork to train businesses and staff so that they can keep their doors open safely. We look forward to playing our part in the recovery of the economy,” Doyle said.

He said that demand for health and safety courses is therefore at an all-time high and all health and safety courses in all sectors have had to be adapted. First aid courses, manual handling and Safe Pass for the construction sector have all had to be updated to include procedures to prevent and deal with Covid-19.

Safe harbour in Covid times

By adapting and increasing the number of courses available on its Learning Management System – overseen by regulatory bodies SOLAS and the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council – Olive Safety estimates that it will train some 20,000 workers in Ireland this year, up from 10,000 in 2019.

So far, there has been a particularly strong uptake from the construction (Safe Pass), retail, nursing homes, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality and aviation sectors. And with flexible deadlines, all courses are internationally accessible and can be completed at the convenience of the participant. 

Part of Olive Safety’s growth is supported by its partnership with Dublin Town, a collective of more than 2,500 businesses based in Dublin City Centre; and the Port of Cork, that promotes the development of the county’s natural deep sea harbour. Both of these bodies have relied on Olive Safety to ensure that members who are allowed to do so according to Government guidelines, can continue to operate safely and in compliance with HSA protocols.

“When the first wave of restrictions was eased, we wanted to make sure that of our staff were up to speed and ready to return to work safely as soon as possible,” said Gerard Farrell, Operations Manager, Dublin Town.

“Olive Safety was recommended to us by a supplier and we were extremely impressed with the convenient way in which the courses were delivered.

“We realised that many of our members had similar concerns about their own staff and those concerns have been magnified by the recent rise in cases. We partnered with Olive Safety to give businesses access to bundles of COVID-19-specific safety training courses online, so that businesses can work together to stem the spread of COVID-19 while also remaining open in compliance with HSA directives.”

In addition to its online courses, Olive Safety has also doubled its number of classroom training centres from two to four locations across Dublin: Dun Laoghaire, Croke Park, Parnell Square and on the Naas Road. Regional businesses can also access in-person courses via satellite sessions at various locations around the country.

“The Olive Learning platform makes the ongoing management of training easier,” said Peter O’Shaughnessy, head of HR, Port of Cork Company.

“Most importantly, the high-quality training programmes are flexible and learners can engage via laptop, desktop or smartphone – working through approved content, clear design, interactive graphics, high-quality video, with knowledge checks throughout.

“The initial benefits to the Port of Cork have been significant as we have delivered important safety training and briefings during these challenging times,” O’Shaughnessy said.

Pictured at top: Kevin Doyle, managing director, Olive Safety

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 28 August, 2020