NUI Galway unleashes AI bot to boost student support

Irish university introduces locally-built AI platform to transform student engagement.

NUI Galway has teamed up with the Galway-based decision intelligence company Chatspace, to become the first university in Ireland to upgrade student services with a pioneering AI powered decision intelligence platform.

The platform allows NUI Galway to provide 24/7 student engagement at scale as well as generate insight led data to enhance decision making, ensuring the institution is best positioned to serve and encourage its students through every step of their University experience.

“NUI Galway is a true trailblazer and is setting the blueprint for the future of higher education across the Republic of Ireland”

“At NUI Galway we recognise that our students have high expectations for a modern user experience across all aspects of their daily life including their university experience,” said John Hannon, director of Student Services at NUI Galway.

“Our partnership with Chatspace reinforces our commitment to delivering a superior student experience and leverages Chatspace’s AI solutions and insights to free up internal resources to focus on student success.”

Answers and insights

Smartphone with an AI bot.

The partnership includes the launch of Cara, a digital assistant for web and mobile.

Cara provides personalised and responsible information on student queries, enables contact with college staff and provides answers to thousands of frequently asked questions covering campus facilities and support services as well as other day to day services.

Galway tech business Chatspace works with the world’s largest companies unleashing new insights for company strategy that traditional teams can’t reach, automating repeatable tasks and scaling capabilities across the enterprise.

“NUI Galway is a true trailblazer and is setting the blueprint for the future of higher education across the Republic of Ireland,” said Chatspace CEO and NUI Galway alumnus John Clancy.

“AI can help make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively to improve the way institutions communicate and interact with their students.

“The benefits of AI for the education sector are endless, and we look forward to continuing to work with NUI Galway and other higher education institutions to deliver solutions that support students through a successful education path.” 

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.