New Irish inventions on show

Where would the world be without the inventors, the makers, the creators, the builders, and the dreamers? There is something thrilling about new inventions. The new Irish Invent Showcase, being held from September 21 – October 10th, 2015 at No. 1 Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2, celebrates contemporary Irish inventors and their inventions.

The Invent Showcase, supported by ID2015, is free to experience. It was established “to inspire all ages to create, design and produce amazing, useful and beautiful products to share with the world,” says Michael Cusack Clyne, founder of the project.

Most of the featured inventions are commercially available products. Many will be launched on a global scale.

Crowdfunding has played it part in the making of some of the inventions on display. The majority of inventions were supported by Enterprise Ireland while others received investment from companies like PCH and VC funds like SoS Ventures, Delta Partners, and Kernel Capital.

The list of products and inventions on display include:

  • Drop (a smart cooking scales that wirelessly connects to an iPad)
  • MooCall Sensor (hardware that attaches to the mother cow to alert the farmer she is about to give birth)
  • Res Med S+ (a smart sleeping monitoring device)
  • Scriba Stylus (a creative design electronic drawing device for the iPad)
  • PatchBlocks (programmable mini-synth sound modules)
  • Sound Bounce (hearing protection for industrial type headsets)
  • Expressive Midi Guitar System (plug and play digital sounds via a real customisable guitar)
  • Sugru (mouldable glue that turns into rubber for DIY fixes)
  • LumaFit (cardio heart rate monitor and workout session analysis tool)

You can follow the event and what people are saying about it on Twitter @inventshowcase or #inventshowcase and Facebook

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