Netwatch prepares rapid response to expected surge in crime

Carlow security company Netwatch has established a Rapid Deployment Unit in response to an expected surge in criminal activity in the coming weeks as the current Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Netwatch has warned that with many businesses closed and premises left vacant, increases in day and night-time intrusions can be expected in the coming weeks.

“These are extraordinary times and while most of us are looking out for each other and creating stronger communities at this time of crisis, criminals are not going to allow government guidelines on social distancing or social isolation to stop them from the opportunity presented by so many vacant premises,” said Colin Hayes, head of Business (Ireland) at Netwatch.

“These are fearful times and never has our mission to create a fearless environment been more appropriate or relevant”

“Business owners are already under severe stress dealing with the pressures of closing their business, the last thing they need to do is worry about their premises and any stock on site.  We’ve already seen reports of attempted break-ins on licensed premises and other businesses can expect to be targeted. We’re responding by introducing our Rapid Deployment Unit where we can install the Netwatch System on a temporary basis and give peace of mind to business owners that their assets are being protected 24/7.”

Always on, always watching

The Netwatch Rapid Deployment Unit allows Netwatch to secure any premises or large site with an independent and mobile security system which provides 24/7 active remote monitoring of the premises.  The technology can be installed without the need for construction, cabling or communications works.

Using Netwatch’s Cratos technology, the system can detect unauthorised activity within seconds. Once the security perimeter is breached, the Netwatch Communication Hub give verbal warnings directly to the intruders and contact key holders or the guards.  Intruders generally leave the premises without causing damage once they realise they are being watched and the guards have been called.

“A key feature of the Netwatch System is that the software allows owners to remotely monitor their premises themselves using the remote camera login,” said Hayes.

“This feature provides great peace of mind should there be a national restriction on movements as seen in other countries or if the business owner has to self-quarantine or self-isolate.”

Hayes said Netwatch have also invested in creating additional Communication Hub environments so that remote visual monitoring can be maintained during the current pandemic. 

“We’ve created additional Hubs and monitoring teams so that if any team is forced to self-isolate, other Hubs can continue to provide a full monitoring service to our clients.”

“These are fearful times and never has our mission to create a fearless environment been more appropriate or relevant. We are doing everything we can to protect our employees, our clients, their families and businesses so that we reduce their worry and stress during this time.”

Pictured: Colin Hayes, head of Business (Ireland) at Netwatch

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 23 March, 2020