Do you have a great Fintech idea?

If you have an idea for a Fintech startup, wouldn’t it be great if you could test it and validate it before you start building it? Now you can.

If you have a very early-stage digital business idea with a financial services focus, and you want to validate it, then you are in luck.

NDRC, in partnership with Bank of Ireland, is looking for people with very early-stage digital business ideas with a financial services focus to join a new, part-time Fintech programme.

The closing date for applications is October 19.

What kind of ideas is the NDRC looking for?

NDRC is looking for people and teams who have a business idea in the following areas:
* Banking
* Fintech
* Enterprise solutions
* Funds administration
* Insurtech
* Payments
* Regtech
* Cybersecurity
* New solutions that use technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI and data intelligence.
The ideas with the most potential will be considered for investment by NDRC after the programme is completed.

NDRC fintech pre accelerator

Who can apply?

The idea owners who are looking to check the validity and strength of their idea. You can apply here. Who else can apply? Potential team members i.e. people who have specialist skills – creatives, customer experience experts, and business professionals – who would like to volunteer their time to help get a new Fintech venture off the ground.

What will I achieve if I take part?
Firstly, you will get to hone and test your idea in an intense pre-accelerator programme. You will also get to meet and learn from a host of mentors who have created and launched successful startups. And, you will get access to tools and expertise in areas such as technology, business development, design, and commercialisation.

Become a ‘pitch master’ 
Importantly, you will create a stronger and more refined pitch to help you land future investment. This pre-accelerator can also act as a stepping-stone to other NDRC investment programmes.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact for more information.

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