LetsGetChecked to open Dublin lab

Irish start-up LetsGetChecked to open first European lab in Dublin as it expands into at-home Covid testing in Irish market.

Peter Foley’s fast-scaling Irish start-up LetsGetChecked is opening a new lab in Dublin and has moved into at-home Covid-19 testing, promising a 24-hour turnaround at €129 per test.

LetsGetChecked earlier this year announced 120 new jobs after raising $71m in funding. In recent weeks it announced a further 80 jobs.

“As an Irish company, we are thrilled to introduce our at-home Covid-19 tests to consumers in Ireland to fight the virus”

Founded by Foley in 2014, LetsGetChecked initially offered hormone tests, fertility tests, HIV tests, STI tests and wellness tests. It recently begun rolling out Covid-19 testing services using an at-home nasal swab and PCR lab analysis.

In recent months it partnered with American Airlines to introduce pre-flight Covid tests.

For these testing times …

The Irish-founded company is  set to open a new lab in Dublin, doubling down on expansion in the country and paving the way for new jobs in December and into 2021.

Building on experience from its CLIA/CAP/BSL II certified high complexity laboratory based in Monrovia, California, the forthcoming Dublin-based lab will be its first owned and operated laboratory in Europe.

The lab will process and test swab samples for Coronavirus initially, and will expand further in the coming months. LetsGetChecked’s forthcoming lab will process 5,000 tests per week to start, with plans to expand that testing capacity over time.

Since March, LetsGetChecked has sought to assist the Irish government with testing efforts by offering use of its laboratory in the United States.

This lab can process up to 40,000 tests per day with the turnaround time of samples from Ireland being approximately 48 hours or less.

To facilitate increased Irish testing for both the public and businesses, the decision was made to open an Irish laboratory.

The construction and planning of the lab has taken place over the past three months and will commence operations next month. In the meantime, LetsGetChecked will work with its partner laboratories to provide testing to consumers and businesses.

At-home testing launch

The company announced today (12 November) the launch of at-home consumer Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests in Ireland. The tests can be ordered online, performed in the convenience of your home, and offer fast, accurate results within 24-72 hours.

The test is a nucleic acid amplification in vitro diagnostic test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which remains the gold standard for diagnosis of infection.

To get tested, customers order a kit online, complete a suitability questionnaire, and collect a lower nasal swab sample for processing and physician review. Results are available on the patient’s LetsGetChecked account and app within 24-72 hours of the sample being received by the laboratory.

The at-home Coronavirus test is accompanied by LetsGetChecked’s connected platform that offers 24/7 telehealth services supported by licensed healthcare professionals and timely guidance on containment and care for those who test positive. All positive results are reported to the Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) by the lab.

LetsGetChecked also announces that it will work with Irish companies to architect testing programmes that keep employees and customers healthy.

Working with LetsGetChecked, businesses can test asymptomatic staff to regularly ensure the workplace is COVID-free.

The company is already engaged with hundreds of organizations across the United States and Europe to make office environments, production studios, and university campuses safer to work and operate. Organisations wishing to safeguard themselves against Covid-19 can order test kits from LetsGetChecked for distribution to its teams with results made available to recipients within 24-72 hours.

“We’ve spent years building the only true end-to-end service on the market that delivers unparalleled service to our customers,” said founder Peter Foley.

“As an Irish company, we are thrilled to introduce our at-home Covid-19 tests to consumers in Ireland to fight the virus. In addition to assisting on a consumer level, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with leading Irish companies in need of testing programmes that will foster safe working environments. The coronavirus crisis has impacted all of us and we are keen to do what we can to help Irish people feel safe and secure during this challenging time.”

The tests are available for purchase immediately for €129 per kit on www.LetsGetChecked.com. Tests are received within 24 hours from purchase, with definitive results delivered within 24-72 hours (of the sample being received by the lab).

By John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 12 November, 2020